Dear IFMSA Members,
It is with great pleasure, that I hereby open this exciting opportunity for you. Are you a future part of theOrganizing Committee of the 2016 Pre-World Health Assembly (“Pre-WHA”)? Or do you know him/her?
The Pre-World Health Assembly is a 4-day youth event, organized by the IFMSA, prior to the WHO World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 2016. The goal of the preWHA is to be a platform for the youth to collectively prepare and harmonize their advocacy efforts for the WHA. Furthermore, the development of skills for advocacy, health care leadership, and policy engagement as well as empowering youth participants to take on further advocacy projects are central to ensure that our generation is ready to take on meaningful leadership roles in the future of global health.
Find attached “Welcome Package” for participants from this year’s preWHA as well as the “IFMSA report on 68th WHA”.
The Organizing Committee
The Organizing Committee will take a major role in organizing the event prior to and during the event, and will also be expected to be present and in the OC role during the World Health Assembly itself, albeit with less work.
Due to recommendations of previous years’ OCs, the LO WHO will not be the chair of the OC this term, which means that this crucial spot is open. The suggested constitution of the Organizing Committee, including main identified tasks, is as follows:


  • 1 Chair of the OC: Coordinate the team, send out agendas for meetings, follow-up on everyone’s work, follow the timeline and adapt it accordingly.
  • 1 Vice-chair of the OC: Support Chair of the OC in certain areas, set up and monitor registration system, take minutes and responsible for google drive.
  • 1 Finances coordinator: Create and follow up on budget, keeping track of expenses, fundraising and handling contracts/agreements that commit the IFMSA.
  • 1 PR and Social media coordinator: PR for registration, the streams, creating the delegate manual, publications during the preWHA (and potentially WHA)
  • 1 Logistics coordinator: Accommodation, catering, transportation (this will most likely be member of swimsa-Switzerland)
  • 3-4 Stream coordinators: Create agenda for streams, find trainers and speakers, coordinate the participants.
  • The Liaison Officer to WHO will take the position as programme coordinator to work on the overall program, coordinate and support stream coordinators and be the WHO focal point.


The constitution of the OC may slightly change depending on received applications.
How do you apply?
Please apply through this google form before November 16th 23:59 GMT.
The central points in the application are:


  • Motivation (Max 300 words)
  • Relevant CV
  • What areas of work in the OC would you be interested in?
  • Why would you be a good person to have as part of the OC? (Max 200 words, optional)
  • Time availability from now till May and during the preWHA (May 19th-22nd) and WHA (May 23rd-28th)
  • Any other information or comments
We need YOU to help us carrying out this event! We would like to warmly welcome you to consider applying to be part of the Organizing Committee for the Pre-World Health Assembly Workshop. And please, spread this call widely in your NMOs.
I look forward to reading your applications. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you should have any questions!


All the best,
Marie Hauerslev, Liaison Officer to the World Health Organization
Tel: +45 30608345 |
International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations
IFMSA International Secretariat